Faint Bfp After Period

Follow - 1. I am 9dp5dt so I should only now be able to read the test so the faint BFP seems to be a postive thing but the pink discharge is making me nuts. According to the community data, if you get a negative test beyond 11 DPO your chance of getting a BFP later on is significantly reduced. What was a surprise, given what I just told you… is that today I got a bfp with my second pee of that day… no, actually… 3 bfps. I feel fatigue, pain in my thighs, tender breast, cramps, vagingal throbbing and nausea. I only finished my period yesterday. BFP and brown discharge: After a long year of TTC #3 I finally got a very faint BFP yesterday morning at about 9-10 DPO. Notes: since I had got trigger of 5000 iu, I had bfps from 1 dpo to 7 dpoThen they got extremely faint, but still slightly visible. I can feel the cramping. DS 07/25/2015 💔 MC 01/07/2019 💔 MC 02/26/2019 DX PCOS 05/07/2019 💔 Femara cycle 07/01/2019 - BFP 07/29/2019 - MC 08/07/2019. The first one was negative, but showed a faint pink line about 6 hours laterI thought this was odd, since that had never happened to me before. I went today for a blood test and it came back inconclusive. Anyway because of some inkling I had & because of a few odd symptoms I took a test this morning and got a positive result - a faint line but definitely there within the time limit of the test!. And im on progesterone 10mg from day 17-32days(still taking) On 12dpo and 14dpo i got a very faint bfp. Usually I only get cramps when I'm bleeding (sorry for TMI). 2 days after the BFP, I began passing clots. I am on day 11 of my cycle and yesterday thought I might be getting near ovulation based on. But View answer. Maybe then I could relax and finally accept that we got our BFP(big faint positive). That night when I went for a wee I wiped and was surprised to see blood. With the last one I was still getting stark white bfn at 12 dpo on the ic's. Yesterday I noticed veiny boobs. I'm sure no one wants me to post a picture of my pee tests here, so I'll just tell you that my lines were faint at 9dpo and 10dpo (got a negative digital at 10dpo right after I got my betas drawn), then at 11dpo started getting more definite. and just now I was curios and took a. Dont have similar symptoms before period. I used first response as its supposed to detect the hormones earlier. I have so many signs that I thought this is my month. Thanks for any comments. It was light lasted like 2 days than brown spotting for a few days after that. Average time between the expected period and the first positive pregnancy test: 0. Only to be let down bc apparently ever single test has a horrible line that shows up and darkens within time limit. Spotting and cramping after period may be caused by several different reasons. This is the third cycle that i have had faint lines show up and I've gotten excited for a bfp. beta for the day was 46. the next cycle after that was 33 days into the cycle. Just got a BFPbut have just had my 'period' - help!!!! C S(169) but the bleeding is so faint and I know that pregnancy can cause general aches and pains from. Tests are getting more positive. After my BFP, my spotting had turned into an intermittent light flow of bright red blood, very much like my regular period. period was due last thursday, it didnt come so did a test that day and possibly very faint line on test - not convinced so did another next day and very faint line again if any line. I want to test but i cannot take another month of a BFN. Hopefully that second line will be even darker!! Like they always say, a positive is a positiveso CONGRATS on the BFP!. *Strange things this month are triphasic chart with high temps, mild cramping, nautious & my gums have bled the last 2 nights I brushed which never. I had a faint line, then I tested five days after af due and line was stronger. However, if you don't get your period when anticipated then would take a ': 'topic_page', 'value': 'pregnancy test'}" track_event="topic_hyperlink_clicked">pregnancy testpregnancy testpregnancy test